Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)

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Calm, group music class for parents, infants, and toddlers.

Early childhood experiences lay the foundation for all future learning. These 60-min weekly music classes develop social, communicative, and musical skills. Using the Suzuki music education philosophy, the SECE curriculum is designed around child-centered learning in a supportive, calm learning environment to progress toward mastery of skills and development of character.

The SECE curriculum is based on these fundamental principles of the Suzuki philosophy:

  1. Every Child Can Learn
  2. Ability Develops Early
  3. Environment Nurtures Growth
  4. Children Learn from One Another
  5. Success Breeds Success
  6. Parental Involvement is Critical
  7. Encouragement is Essential


Find a program near you:

Bellingham, WA – Cecile’s Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class (SECE)  – contact Cecile Pendleton, cecilesuzuki-at-gmail dot com

Bremerton, WA – Mini Musicians – contact Jennifer Yarbrough

Ellensburg, WA – Music Tree – contact Barbara Riley

Kent, WA – Joyful Tots – contact Anita Knight

Seattle (North) – Little Explorers Music – contact Jenelle Birnbaum

Seattle (South) – Little Spark Music – contact Megan Titensor

Tacoma, WA       Nurtured By Music – contact Jacki Block