Suzuki Violin Day April 1, 2017

Posted on Jan 22, 2017

A Day of Fun and Learning for Suzuki Violin Students and Parents! The Suzuki Academy at Music Center of the Northwest, in the Green Lake/Greenwood area of Seattle, is hosting a Suzuki Violin Day workshop with special guest, Reagan Brasch from Chicago. The event is 10:00am – 4:00pm at the Music Center, 901 N 96th St., Seattle, 98103. It features group classes, games, performance, ensemble and parent learning and is for students level Pre-Twinkle to Book 5. A play list will be emailed to all participants one month prior to the festival. Ensemble for reading students, (usually book 3 or above). Register through Music Center of the Northwest at ( or call 206-526-8443. Registration is $60/student. Young students, 3-5 years, can opt to attend a half day. For more info contact Lauren Lamont at or call 206-941-1162. Registration deadline: March 25 See attached flyer!   Reagan Brasch...

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Sera Smollen Calling all Teachers

Posted on Apr 29, 2016

SERA SMOLEN CALLING ALL TEACHERS Calling All Teachers! Calling all students! Dr. Sera Smolen will be in Seattle to introduce us to Creative Ability Development (CAD) on May 28. CAD provides a simple framework by which you and your students can easily improvise. WATCH THIS VIDEO of the students performing! You and your students DESERVE this information and training ~ imagine this for your studio! Improvisation Workshop!! The Philosophy and Method of Creative Ability Development Developed by Alice Kay Kanack, Dr Suzuki called her “The mother of Mozart” Presented by Sera Smolen ~30 years teaching CAD~ “All children are born creative; creativity is nurtured in the environment” For Violin—Viola—Cello– String Bass – Piano – Flute Sera will teach: ¨ A simple framework by which you & your students can easily improvise ¨ Learn to improvise in every key ¨ Learn to improvise in styles of various composers   ¨ Student Workshops for: Beginners, age 4 and up Intermediate students Quartet & ensemble improvisation for advanced students   Includes teacher observation of Student Workshops:       Sign up today – Save the date May 28, 2016 Teachers: 9:30-4:30pm (lunch included) Cost: $110 through April 30, then $120 Students: $15/ 1 hour session Location: 19408 SE 322nd St, Kent WA 98042 Registration limited to 18! Don’t delay! Contact Anita: / 206.326-0658   STUDENTS 11:00-11:45         Younger beginners  (age 4-8) 12:45-1:45           Older beginners (age 8+) 1:45 -2:45             Intermediate students 2:45-4:00              Advanced students – Improvising Ensembles Tuition: $15 per student   TEACHERS Workshop: 9:30-4:30 (lunch provided for teachers only) Tuition: $110 through April 30, then $120   REGISTRATION Mail this form and the tuition (checks payable to Anita Knight) to: 19408 SE 322nd St, Kent WA 98042 Or call Anita to pay by credit card: 206.326-0658 Fees are non-refundable   EXTRA, EXTRA! Classes for teachers or studios available on Tuesday, May 31 or Wed, June 1 contact Anita) STUDENT REGISTRATION Name ______________________________________________________________ Age_______ Parent name: ______________________Mobile________________Email_____________________ Teacher _____________­­­_______________Current piece __________________ Name ______________________________________________________________ Age_______ Parent name: ______________________Mobile________________Email_____________________ Teacher _____________­­­_______________Current piece __________________ TEACHER REGISTRATION Name ­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________  City ______________________________________ State __________________ Zip __________ Mobile ­­­­­­­_______________________________ Email: ________________________________________ Alice Kanack’s books, edited by Sera Smolen Improvising Music with Children: for pre-twinklers Fun Improvisation for . . . (Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Flute): for Suzuki Books 1-2 Improvising String Quartets: for improvising in simultaneous parts Bass Lines and Fantasies: for improvising in every key Additional workshop topics Stages of creative development Recent brain research Convergent & divergent thinking and effect on creativity How CAD parallels and supports Suzuki lessons and classes The Rule:  The Premise is that all children are born with creative ability. Any child’s innate creative ability can be developed through the disciplined practice of creative exercises which allow the child complete freedom of choice. Great creative ability is the art of making choices.  Creative Ability Development is a philosophy and method based on...

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2016 Scholarships Reminder

Posted on Feb 6, 2016

Scholarship forms are ready! To find out the password into these forms, you’ll need to be a member. Teacher Scholarships: Three $300 scholarships awarded per year Deadline: March 15 We offer scholarships for teachers who are current members of SAWS and want to continue their Suzuki Teacher Training education by taking short or long-term Suzuki teacher training. Student Scholarships: Seven $300 scholarships awarded per year Deadline: March 15 We offer 5 scholarships for any Suzuki institute and 2 scholarships for the Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute. Scholarships are for students whose teacher is a current members of...

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Proposed Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation

Posted on May 11, 2015

As  part of becoming a Chapter Affiliate of the SAA, we need to amend our Articles of Incorporation to align with the SAA’s requirements.  The board voted to adopt the attached amendment at our board meeting of March 15, 2015.  The general membership must now approve of the amendment.  Please read the attached proposed amendment to our Articles of Incorporation and be prepared to vote on them at our Annual General Meeting at 12:00 on Saturday October 10, 2015.   Suzuki.001d Art of...

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Note from the President

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

December 2014 Dear SAWS Members, Tis the season to be thoughtfully reminiscing about the old year and making plans for a new year.   Right now I am looking back on our Fall Festival 2014 as a huge success, and I feel grateful that I am part of such a vibrant community of Suzuki teachers.   Thank you to Lucy Shaw, Carol and David Cross, Barb Riley, Ward Beebe, Lisa Toner, and everyone who took on a job to make the Festival run smoothly! What a joy (excuse the pun!) to have had Alice Joy Lewis with us!   She gave us an inspiring task when she talked about Parent Education, and how it helps parents to learn from us what exactly is expected of them.   As I reminisce about that day, I come away from her talk determined to take the time and effort to show parents more about how I want them to practice with their children, how I want them to smile while they are at it, and how I want them to speak with enthusiasm and use their positive words.    Parents don’t always know how to teach.   They forget the years of experience they have had with gravity and send their kids off on bikes that go downhill.   They come home from work and wonder why their child isn’t full of energy to practice at 7pm when they finally have time to get together.   They aren’t always happy to sing Twinkle for the 50th time, let alone, what?! – get up and dance to it?!    I went through all of these things as a parent, and now what a great feeling I have being involved with other parents growing with their children – all of us accumulating experience with perseverance, creativity, and love. I’m already looking forward to Fall Festival 2015! The year 2015 will be an important year for SAWS as we start operating as a Chapter Affiliate of the SAA. The SAWS Board has been talking through these issues and will be coming up with goals for 2015 and 2016.  We would like to hear from you before our next board meeting in February, if you have any thoughts concerning these topics. This is where we think our energy should be directed in the new year:   Increasing communication between SAWS Board and SAWS Membership via a well-designed website Increasing our membership involvement, by encouraging young Suzuki teachers to get more involved. Defining the work necessary to keep SAWS running by writing new job descriptions, seeking clarity and fairness guidelines concerning payment vs volunteerism. Finishing our Chapter Affiliate application by acting on suggestions from the SAA application review committee.   Most things will stay the same in 2015:  our Calendar of Events, our Fall Festival, our Graduation program, and Chamber Music programs will still be there.   We will certainly give out Scholarships to families going to...

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