SAWS Festival 2018 Orchestra

We are excited to be able to offer an orchestra experience for intermediate and advanced strings students this year as part of our focus on note reading.

Students will need to learn their music before the festival.

All students will be emailed after they register with instructions regarding their assigned orchestra part. Parts will be assigned starting in July.

Teachers, please check the music to which your student has been assigned to be sure it matches their ability and either download and print the part for your student, or ask the parent to do so. There is only a two hour rehearsal at the festival so the part needs to be well learned ahead of time.

For the SAWS orchestra, we are doing two pieces: Andante Festivo by Sibelius and Allegro from the D Major Concerto by Anderssen. Click on the links below to download and print parts. All parts are bowed, please take care to follow these bowings carefully.

Goal performance tempos are listed below.  Reference recordings are also included for some instruments (see below.)

Andante Festivo by Sibelius parts:

Violin III (Andante festivo)

Violin II (Andante festivo)

Violin I (Andante festivo)

Viola (Andante festivo)

Cello (Andante festivo)

Bass (Andante festivo)

Allegro by Anderssen







Performance Tempos and Reference Videos:

Andante Festivo:  quarter note = 85

Allegro:  quarter note =108

Click on the following links to watch reference videos of the orchestra parts:

Andante Festivo Cello part:

Allegro from Concerto in D Cello and Bass parts