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We offer a statewide graduation program where students can submit recordings of their playing. Each recording is reviewed by our graduation committee. Upon successfully graduating from each level, students will receive a graduation trophy and an evaluation from a SAWS member evaluator. The graduation program is intended to highlight skills built in the process of reviewing and recording pieces for each level. Please have your students participate only when they are at least 1/2 book beyond each graduation pieces.

Graduation Form

This year SAWS will use the online Graduation Form – ONLY – for Graduation Registrations. All graduation submissions must be via a YouTube video or other online video format such as Vimeo. Videos must clearly show the performers body from the knees up and include views of both arms. The committee will ask for a resubmission for any videos not meeting these requirements.

Please review with your teacher the guidelines for your instrument and level before making a recording. Your teacher should approve any video you are planning to submit.

To upload a video (for example, if you have taken it with your phone):

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘upload’ button on the top right hand side of the screen

3. Log in or set up an account

4. You should see a screen that says ‘Select files to Upload’, under that is a section marked ‘Privacy settings.’  Select either ‘unlisted’ or ‘public.’  Please do not select ‘private’.

5. Upload your file, make sure it is in an accepted format (if the format is not compatible YouTube will tell you how to change it).

6. Title your video with your child’s name, instrument, and piece. You do not need to add any tags or descriptions unless you would like the video to be public and searchable.

YouTube videos:

How to upload an unlisted video to YouTube

Here are instructions for converting an audio file, such as would be contained on a CD, to a video file that can be uploaded to YouTube.

How to upload audio or image files

Your private teacher must approve your submission and will then give you the password to access the graduation form.  The graduation form is password protected.  Passwords are only available to SAWS teacher members and can be accessed here.   Be sure to also get your teacher’s SAA number and teacher info to provide in the form. Payment must be submitted with this registration form in order to be considered.

Coordinate with your teacher to submit your graduation registration.

Graduation submissions due June 1st

Fee: $25 per student, per entry

Graduation Contacts

Graduation General Chair and Strings Coordinator: Emily Kelly  emilyherd at gmail dot com

Piano  Coordinators: Susan Huie susanhuie at gmail dot com

Graduation Form

(The form is password protected. Teachers, the password can be found in your email about graduation. Parents, ask your teacher for the password.)