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SAWS Graduation Program

One of the cornerstone programs of SAWS is our Suzuki Graduation Program. Our program is meant to motivate and inspire both students and teachers toward excellent performance. With nurture, review and maturation of playing skills, students develop technique and musicianship in pieces they know. This program involves careful preparation and joint cooperation on the part of students, parents, and teachers.

Dr. Suzuki created a graduation program for his students in Japan. Inspired by his work, we have chosen certain pieces in the repertoire for our graduation levels. Students prepare a polished performance of the designated piece at each level after they have studied well beyond that piece. With their teacher’s approval, they submit a recording of their performance. Students will receive constructive comments, a trophy, and the opportunity to perform at the next SAWS festival (typically held in October of each year).
Recordings are due every year by June 1st.

Please follow the website menu to see the checklist of requirements for each instrument and piece.

Participation in the Graduation Program offers wonderful benefits to teachers and students:

Benefits to the student:

  • Makes review relevant.
  • Offers opportunities for performance.
  • Fosters self-evaluation.

Benefits to the teacher:

  • Helps define teaching priorities.
  • Inspires excellence through community engagement.
  • Opens the mind to possibilities for musical achievement.

Graduation is not an examination; it is a celebration of accomplishment where every child succeeds. Teachers present students only when they are certain that the performances are secure and musical, and the student is studying well beyond the level needed. To graduate is to achieve recognition for reaching a milestone. It is a means for musical growth, and an opportunity for the SAWS community to act as a witness to the progress of its students.


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