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Fluent Memory

Rhythmic Integrity

Accurate Pitch



Beautiful Tone


Appropriate Dynamics

Both list I and II contain the graduation requirements for all levels. List I contains the more objective aspects of a performance and List II contains the more subjective aspects. The levels of graduation require increasing skill in all requirements, particularly those in List II.

It is the teacher’s decision when a student’s recording meets the requirements. A recording should not be send that has memory stumbles, wrong notes or lack of a steady tempo. If the student has major problems in these areas then continue to work on the piece and submit it at a later date.


In order to graduate from:

You must have studied the following:

The graduation piece for this level is:

Twinkle Level

S. Suzuki, Perpetual Motion

S. Suzuki, Twinkle Theme and Variations

Level 1

B. Calatayud, Waltz (No. 1) F. Longay, Meadow Minuet

Level 2

Etude Op. 60 No. 9, F. Sor

Waltz from Sonata 9, Paganini

Level 3

Bach, Gavottes I & II BWV 1012 L. Mozart, Bourrée

Level 4

Concerto in D (RV 93), Vivaldi

Rondo Op. 48, F. Sor

Level 5

Gavottes I & II en Rondeau BWV 996

Concerto in D (RV 93), Vivaldi

Level 6

Teacher’s discretion

Mozart Variations, F. Sor