Note from the President

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

December 2014

Dear SAWS Members,

Tis the season to be thoughtfully reminiscing about the old year and making plans for a new year.   Right now I am looking back on our Fall Festival 2014 as a huge success, and I feel grateful that I am part of such a vibrant community of Suzuki teachers.   Thank you to Lucy Shaw, Carol and David Cross, Barb Riley, Ward Beebe, Lisa Toner, and everyone who took on a job to make the Festival run smoothly!

What a joy (excuse the pun!) to have had Alice Joy Lewis with us!   She gave us an inspiring task when she talked about Parent Education, and how it helps parents to learn from us what exactly is expected of them.   As I reminisce about that day, I come away from her talk determined to take the time and effort to show parents more about how I want them to practice with their children, how I want them to smile while they are at it, and how I want them to speak with enthusiasm and use their positive words.    Parents don’t always know how to teach.   They forget the years of experience they have had with gravity and send their kids off on bikes that go downhill.   They come home from work and wonder why their child isn’t full of energy to practice at 7pm when they finally have time to get together.   They aren’t always happy to sing Twinkle for the 50th time, let alone, what?! – get up and dance to it?!    I went through all of these things as a parent, and now what a great feeling I have being involved with other parents growing with their children – all of us accumulating experience with perseverance, creativity, and love.

I’m already looking forward to Fall Festival 2015!

The year 2015 will be an important year for SAWS as we start operating as a Chapter Affiliate of the SAA.

The SAWS Board has been talking through these issues and will be coming up with goals for 2015 and 2016.  We would like to hear from you before our next board meeting in February, if you have any thoughts concerning these topics.

This is where we think our energy should be directed in the new year:


  1. Increasing communication between SAWS Board and SAWS Membership via a well-designed website
  2. Increasing our membership involvement, by encouraging young Suzuki teachers to get more involved.
  3. Defining the work necessary to keep SAWS running by writing new job descriptions, seeking clarity and fairness guidelines concerning payment vs volunteerism.
  4. Finishing our Chapter Affiliate application by acting on suggestions from the SAA application review committee.


Most things will stay the same in 2015:  our Calendar of Events, our Fall Festival, our Graduation program, and Chamber Music programs will still be there.   We will certainly give out Scholarships to families going to summer Suzuki Institutes.   And our lovely Suzuki friendships will continue!


Two things will change however, and I want you to know about these.

  1. Our membership dues are now $31, one dollar more than before, and they are now due in January of each year.   That’s next month!
  2. Before sending in our check for $31 to SAWS, we will need to make sure we are current members of the SAA.   We no longer are able to be a SAWS member without also being a member of the mothership organization.


I hope everyone will have a wonderful holiday full of light and good cheer, hope, and the ability to turn down lots of sugary treats!


Priscilla Jones

SAWS president