Teacher Scholarships

Teacher Scholarships: $400 scholarships awarded

Deadline: March 17

We offer scholarships for teachers who are current members of SAWS and want to continue their Suzuki Teacher Training education by taking short or long-term Suzuki teacher training. Below are the eligibility requirements for teachers:

1. Teacher must be a current member of SAWS with dues paid in full at the time of application.

2. Teacher must fill out and submit the online application answering all questions in sufficient detail.

3. The teacher must have a genuine need for financial assistance and explain that need in the form.

4. Teacher training must be provided by registered SAA teacher trainers and/or officially recognized SAA institutes.

5. Teachers who have a Suzuki teaching experience of five years or less will receive priority. First time applicant of any experience level will also receive priority consideration.

6. Teacher must submit a video or audio recording of themselves performing piece that is Book 4 level or beyond. YouTube video recordings are preferred. You can paste the website link in the online form or you can mail your recording to the address below. If you are mailing your recording, mark it with your name, the name of the piece and the composer. Recording must be received by March 17. Recordings will not be returned. Recipients will be notified by email after the scholarship committee has voted.

If you are mailing your recording, send it to: SAWS Teacher Scholarship Attn: Mary Beth Cullitan, 728 W. Waverly Pl., Spokane, WA 99205
Email recordings (mp3 file only please) may be sent to Mary Beth Cullitan at cullitan@earthlink.net or Anita Knight knightpod@comcast.net.

7. Scan a copy of the music you are playing on your recording and email it to one of our Scholarship Co-Chairs, Mary Beth Cullitan, cullitan@earthlink.net or Anita Knight, knightpod@comcast.net

8. Funds will be distributed as a check from SAWS made out to the organization or individual who is providing the teacher training and sent to your address. Checks cannot be made out to the person requesting the scholarship. Recipients are required to send a confirmation and“Thank you” note to one of the above addresses before funds are distributed.

Selection of Scholarship Recipients

Applications for scholarships are evaluated by the SAWS Scholarship Committee. Applicants must have financial need in order to apply. The recordings will be evaluated on the basis of merit.

Teacher Application